Kids Colouring Book 1.0

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Tool for youngsters to colour-in templates, letting you also print the drawings.

You can imagine the scene: you have children in the house, it's raining heavily outside, and they're bored because you won't let them spend all day surfing the Internet or playing games on their consoles. What you as a caring and responsible parent want is for them to be involved in something more productive, educational and fun that will also teach them more about using a computer. Well, help is at hand, and it comes in the shape of this program, called Kids Colouring Book 1.0. As the name indicates, Kids Colouring Book 1.0 is a quite simple and basic tool to be used by the youngest in your house. They can colour in the drawing templates in order to get used to using the mouse, then save them and/or print them out.

Kids Colouring Book 1.0 is fun and lively, and comes with many different templates ready to be filled in. These templates show scenes of animals, of people and places, of fun things happening. All your children have to do is choose an area, choose a colour and click to fill it in. This will quickly teach them mouse manipulation and basic keyboard skills.

Kids Colouring Book 1.0 is very easy to use. The image is in the centre of the screen, and on the right you have all the colours to choose from. On the left are all the controls to fill, to undo if you change your mind, to save, to print, etc.

Kids Colouring Book 1.0 is free to download!


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